We are delighted to let you know that because of all the enthusiastic responses we have received since we’ve launched HOESSEE, we are expanding our production.

Currently, not all prints and sizes are in stock, but we’ll be able to provide you with new leggings soon. We found a productionpartner in Europe that will continue our production. They value the same principles as we do; create sustainable, high quality produced leggings, made in a save environment. Together with us they will make HOESSEE grow!

We also designed a new print. We’ll surprise you with this new print when our new production is realised. Or maybe we show you a sneak peak before 😉

As we announced earlier, shorts and tops will be available in our webshop too, along with more capris.

Thanks so far for all your enthousiasm and support. Together we’ll make a more conscious, transparent and fair fashion world!

If the legging of your choice is not available at the moment, feel free to send us an email to pre-order your favorite print!