You can do yoga anywhere. Of course you can take a class in a yoga studio, but you can also roll out your yoga mat elsewhere or do yoga from your chair. What’s your favorite spot to do your practice?

The beach: favorite yoga spot! 

The beach is by far my favorite place for yoga. I then leave my yoga mat at home. Sand between your toes, the murmur of the waves in the background, the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. Being completely surrounded by nature helps me to calm the noise around me and to sink deeper into my body. A refreshing dip in the sea after my workout completes the experience!

Sustainable yoga clothing from the sea

HOESSEE and the beach are inseparable. HOESSEE’s sustainable yoga clothing is made from recycled waste. A large part of this waste consists of fishing nets that wash up or are removed from the sea, in order to get the beach and sea cleaner. With every net that is removed from the sea in time, marine animals are prevented from becoming entangled in it. Because we use waste much less new raw materials are required for HOESSEE clothing.

The name HOESSEE also has to do with the sea! More about that next time.

Photography: Nicoline Rodenburg

Cherish nature

When you are on the beach or any other place in nature, it is always sad when you find waste here. Despite all the positive movements there are to get and keep the beaches cleaner, I sometimes get sad when I walk on the beach and my son comes to me with a cigarette butt or a piece of plastic and says “yuck”. Please let us all take care of what gives us life!

Yoga work outs on the beach

Esther from 100% YOGA is a fan of HOESSEE’s clothing and we are a fan of her! Because of her enthusiasm, cheerful smile and the nice lessons, short work outs and tips that she shares with us online. Esther and beach are also a very good combination. This is reflected in three videos that we can share here in which she inspires you with a short beach workout of 1 or 2 minutes. And as I wrote in the beginning, you can do yoga anywhere. So sun or no sun, these yoga work outs will certainly give you good energy and you can do it wherever you want!

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