The leggings from our Bloemenzee collection are made of a soft, breathable, sustainable fabric. The leggings are designed to be worn during yoga and sports activities such as dancing, surfing and running or just to relax in. We put a lot of effort into creating a good fit for optimal comfort and a beautiful look. The high flattering waistband has a unique soft reinforcement, which ensures that the leggings stay in place, with no elastic pressing on your waist.
You can choose between many different prints or go for a nice plain black legging. Also check out our tops, to complete your outfit.


Sustainable fabric is made from waste materials such as old carpets destined for landfills, textile scraps and old fishing nets collected from the oceans. An innovative process results in a high-quality fabric with stretch in four directions. The fabric is woven and printed in Europe. The prints are digitally printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks. The high quality of the inks and the printing process ensure colorful, bright and durable prints.
The good quality of our clothing ensures that it stays beautiful for a very long time and you can wear it many times. That too is sustainable!


Polyamide is a soft version of nylon, which was once invented as artificial silk. The Lycra gives the fabric its wonderful mobility. The fabric is breathable and absorbs little moisture. When you sweat, the moisture can evaporate and your clothing remains comfortable to the touch.
Probably hard to imagine that what were old fishing nets, textile scraps and old carpets have been regenerated into fibers from which new yarns are spun and then our fabric is woven. The result is a high quality breathable stretch fabric that feels like a second skin. And at least as strong as fabrics made from new sources.


We use sturdy threads for stitching, flat-stitched seams and a double topstitched crotch seam; so your Hoessee yoga apparel will last a long time. Our logo, size label and washing label are printed on the inside of the clothing, so no annoying cards in your comfortable sportswear.


Hoessee has a collection of colorful prints that stimulate your imagination. Do you see shells, flowers or animals? Do you imagine yourself in the jungle or on the beach or floating through the air? Everyone often sees something different in the prints and is attracted to different colors. Designer Tessa uses many photos and homemade reliefs as a starting point for the prints. Built in layers and each with its own story, each print is a unique design. What do you think of our designs?